4 Ways to Organize Your Packing Before Movers Arrive

Residential or office moving is generally a hectic time for everyone involved. Although the movers will handle the major tasks associated with relocating to a new place, you will probably have to pack some things to go with the moving van when the time comes. To make it easy for the moving crew to identify and correctly place packed items in their new location, you can use any of the following organizational strategies.

1. Color Coding

With numerous packing products available, you can choose boxes, bins, or labels in various colors to coordinate your packing efforts. For example, you can pack your bathroom supplies in a green-coded container. Bedroom items might be placed in blue-based crates or boxes. Each room or area of the home could be packed and listed as a specific color for easy reference by movers or family members when the goods are delivered to the new location.

2. Sized Containers

Depending on the various items you are packing for the move, you may be able to place larger items in the biggest bin style available, with medium items in mid-size containers, and the smaller possessions in the smallest packing boxes. There will still be some variability, since most if not all rooms in the new place will likely require items of all sizes, but at least size distinctions can begin to separate largest from smallest for ready reference.

3. Container Styles

You might be able to divide up your household possessions to be moved to fit into different styles of packing containers. Boxes can be used for clothing, shoes, and holiday decorations, for example, while crates are more solid for books and appliances like lamps or blenders. Larger bins might be reserved for heavier things, like light furniture such as accent tables or folding chairs.

4. Location of Containers

Another way to organize the furnishings to be moved is to set them in specific rooms of your current dwelling, and mark them accordingly for the destination location. For example, bathroom items could be packed and labeled, and placed in the bathroom so movers know where they go at the new location. However, they must be labeled as well as located for the new location.

There are many ways to pack your belongings in preparation for the movers’ truck. The main goal is to arrange everything in such a way that it is easy to identify the contents of a packing carton as well as be able to determine where it will go at the new place. With a plan in mind, your packing can be done neatly and logically so that everyone knows where things should go on moving day. To learn about moving, visit Hudson Movers