Top 4 Plumbing Issues To Look Out For After A Major Storm

No matter where you live, you always have to protect your home from some type of natural event. While most storms will leave your home unharmed, major storms could end up causing expensive damage to your property. Some plumbing issues may not be evident right away following a big storm. When it’s over, be on the lookout for these potential plumbing issues. If you notice any, call a professional plumber right away.

1. Dirty Water

After a huge storm rolls through your city, contamination of the city water supply can turn into a huge problem. Sewer lines can become overloaded because of the heavy pressure a storm surge causes. This can lead to homes dealing with sewer backflow in their plumbing systems. Most areas have backflow prevention devices, but they can end up malfunctioning because of storm damage. If you notice dirty water or a drop in pressure in your plumbing after a storm, call a plumber right away. For more knowledge, has more resources available for your reference.

2. Tepid Water

The excess water that comes with a storm surge can often lead to your home’s water heater short-circuiting. When this happens, you will notice a drop in the temperature of your water. If you notice your water not getting as hot as it should after a storm, enlist the help of a plumber from a local company.

3. Slow Toilets

Another issue a major storm can cause is a clogged toilet. When a major storm comes with heavy rainfall, the sewer lines can be disrupted. If you notice your toilet is not draining the way it was before the storm, your sewer lines may need to be inspected by experts. They need to examine the piping to make sure there was no shifting or cracking of the system. Failure to get cracks or shifting taken care of right away will lead to bigger and more expensive problems.

4. Leaks

The amount of pressure caused by too much rainwater can take a toll on underground plumbing systems. If any damage is done to your home’s structure during a major storm, it can also affect the plumbing of your home’s system. In worst-case scenarios, pipes can crack or burst. Even if you do not notice leaks right away after the storm, it is good to have your piping inspected once it is safe to do so. Some homeowners can check their plumbing system for leaks using a flow indicator. If the meter is moving on the flow indicator, you have a leak somewhere in your system and will need a plumber to help.

No homeowner wants to deal with plumbing issues after a major storm. It is best to find and fix any plumbing issues quickly before they become worse. If you notice any of the signs listed above, call your local plumbing company right away.