6 Ways to Make Moving Easy For Your Dog

Moving is very stressful for people and even a more anxious period for your dog. Your furry friend doesn’t know what is going on, yet they must adjust to a new environment. Moving with a pet is not a comfortable situation, but that doesn’t mean that nothing can be done. Just like any other challenge, there are solutions that you can opt for before hiring movers.

1. Choose a suitable neighborhood, apartment or house

Before selecting your dream apartment or home, you should ensure that it suits your dog too. Walk through the community to determine whether it is a safe place for pets to live in. Watch out for stray pets in the location to see if they are left unattended or are aggressive.

2. Familiarize your dog to the moving supplies

Your pet is likely to be scared of the duct tape rolls and cardboard boxes because they are foreign objects that they weren’t used to. A few days before the movers come in to start their packing spree, buy the packing supplies, and allow your dog to sniff them. After a while, they will realize that these things aren’t harmful, and they won’t freak at their site.

3. Exercise as much as you can

Exercising is not only crucial to your pet’s physical health, but their mental well-being as well. Just like the adage goes, a tired dog is a good dog. Ensure your pet exercises intensely to lower stress levels and help them to stay calm. Therefore, add some extra hours into their schedule and their walk time too. If you don’t have the time to do so because you are busy preparing for the move, request your friends to help out.

4. Talk to a vet

Your current veterinarian is a vast resource that you ought to take advantage of. They can suggest some behavior modification techniques or medication that will reduce the stress that accompanies moving. Consider finding a new vet in your new neighborhood before relocating. Set up an appointment with the new veterinarian even before the moving day.

5. Stick to your routine

Everything that’s happening during this period is enough reason to make your pet stressed out. Therefore, ensure you don’t cause further disruption by changing the routine. Although a week or two of being off schedule for humans is okay, it is a different case for dogs. They prefer stability and are more tied to structure than humans.¬†For further information, Matco Calgary Movers has a lot of helpful resources on their website.

6. Practice compassion and patience

Since you understand what’s going and your dog doesn’t, it is advisable to help it relax. It is usual for them to bark, whine, and display symptoms of neediness. Rather than responding negatively to these traits, understand that your dog is going through a difficult time and understand them.