4 Tricks to Transform an Old Wooden Wine Box into Something Else

Never underestimate the usefulness of an old wooden wine crate. It isn’t only beautiful to look at the logos and antique finishes of a wooden wine gift box, but they can also be used as a storage facility for different things. However, finding a beautiful old wine crate version is the only way to get an antique look out of it. These are a few ways to transform an old wooden wine box into something else.

1. Gather Material

Think about whether you want to refurbish an old wine crate or clean up a vintage one before gathering any materials. For example, anyone with a wine crate made of old wood can clean it up instead of refurbishing it. Conversely, consider painting and sanding it if it is made of cheap material.

2. Clean it Up

Of course, the first step to transforming a wooden wine gift crate into something else is to clean it up. You can use a rag or vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the box. Use a paintbrush to remove dirt from crevices and inside the cracks. Take time to scrub the crate to ensure that all grime is off the old box. Scrub the old wooden wine gift box down with a dry brush to get every groove that has dirt out. Get a little aggressive if there is a weird musty smell or dirt on the outside of the crate. Wipe down the outside of the wine crate with a slightly damp rag. Use white vinegar and water to wipe down the outside and inside of the wooden wine box if it has a weird odor. However, avoid over-wetting the wood, and let the box dry up before moving to the next step.

3. Prime and Prepare the Wooden Box

Cleaning might be the last process for someone whose wine crate has a vintage look that they may want to preserve. However, anyone interested in updating their wooden boxes with a bright finish or new paint may have to go beyond that to protect it. First, use painter’s tape to cover any hardware or logo before applying paint on a wooden box. Once the logos are sealed with tape, apply a clear coat or primer finish and let it dry for some time.

4. Paint Finishing

Whether it is a spray paint or simple acrylic paint, apply it in a well-ventilated room if you decide to paint the old wooden box. Apply at least two coats to cover the primer coated on the old wooden crate. Of course, the darker the color of the paint, the faster it will cover the wooden box. Let the wooden box dry up before you put anything in it.

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