Royal Canadian Mint Employee Caught Smuggling Gold

When it comes to investing, it’s typically a safe bet to invest in gold. This is why it’s easy to find a number of respectable cash for gold businesses all over Canada. These businesses are buying gold at high prices and giving you cash in return. This was definitely the motivation behind a Royal Canadian Mint employee who was caught after smuggling more than $135,000 in gold from his place of employment. Officials said that he was successfully getting the gold out of the Royal Canadian Mint by hiding pucks in his anal cavity.

Leston Lawrence

The man being charged with theft, laundering and the possession of stolen goods is 35 years of age. Reports suggest that Lawrence took pucks, which are round gold pieces that weigh 210 grams each, and hid them in his rectum as he sneaked out of the Royal Canadian Mint. Afterward, he sold the pucks to a local business that gives cash for gold. Before getting caught, it’s estimated that he stole around $136,617 in gold pucks. The business said that it was paying Lawrence around $5,161 for each puck. The company giving him cash for gold had no idea that the pucks were being smuggled out of the Royal Canadian Mint.

Foiled by Bank Teller

Lawrence almost had the perfect crime because the Royal Canadian Mint hadn’t even noticed that 18 of its pucks had gone missing over the course of a few months. However, one bank teller alerted the authorities after noticing that Lawrence was cashing a large number of checks from cash for gold companies. The teller became more suspicious after Lawrence asked to wire money outside the country. This is when the teller examined his account further and saw that he worked at the Royal Canadian Mint and figured out his scheme.

Awaiting Trial

At the time of this writing, the outcome for Lawrence is unknown. His defense attorney has painted the picture that Lawrence could have purchased the pucks outright. The lawyer pointed out that the Royal Canadian Mint wasn’t even aware that gold was missing. The defense attorney also noted that the evidence against Lawrence is circumstantial at best, stating that the Royal Canadian Mint should have the highest level of security, and there’s no way that Lawrence could have smuggled it out.

Selling gold for cash is a lucrative opportunity for anyone. Typically, however, people just sell gold in the form of jewelry they no longer want. Due to this crime, measures at the Royal Canadian Mint have been upgrade so that such a theft cannot happen again.

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