In Vitro Fertilization Can Help a Woman Conceive

Problems with fertility can be caused by many issues with a couple where the egg and sperm simply will not combine to produce a fertilized egg, which will attach to the lining of the womb and remain in place for the length of a pregnancy. In Vitro Fertilization is just one of the many fertility treatments available that attempts to make it easier for a woman to conceive a baby and fulfill her dream of having a child. A large amount of medications are commonly involved in being administered over a number of months to provide the woman with the best chance of falling pregnant.

The different steps of IVF

There are a number of steps involved in IVF that can be undertaken by a woman or couple seeking the assistance of a fertility clinic for their fertility therapies. Stimulation is the first step that requires medications to be provided that allow a woman to produce more than one egg a month in a bid to increase the chances of her becoming pregnant. After the number of eggs is increased in the ovaries individual eggs are removed under a local anesthetic within a fertility clinic.

After this step the sperm and eggs of the couple are placed together in an environmentally controlled area and at this stage the two combine as insemination takes place. After insemination takes place the individual fertilized eggs are monitored to make sure an embryo is forming naturally with cell division taking place before the embryo is transferred back to the womb of the mother to continue the pregnancy in a natural way.

Who benefits from In Vitro Fertilization?

A number of different factors can combine to create a need for this form of therapy to be sought out through a fertility clinic. Amongst the many reasons the treatment is performed are the problems of a mother who is of an advanced age and finds it hard to conceive in a conventional manner. A woman who has problems with inflammation and blockage of the fallopian tubes can also often find problems in conceiving naturally prompting an IVF treatment to be undertaken.

The reasons why this form of therapy is sought out is not limited solely to issues with female fertility, instead males with a low sperm count can also see their chances of becoming a father increased by a large amount when they embark upon In Vitro Fertilization techniques.

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